University to see a 5 percent tuition increase

Students can expect to see a 5 percent tuition increase to help offset the deficit in the University budget, among other changes.

President Miller held a campus-wide budget forum on Monday to discuss the status of the budget for the 2014-15 year.

The proposed budget reduction recommendations include $110,307 for the President, $125,000 for athletics, $415,022 for academics, $1,195,161 for finance and administration, $112,751 for institutional advancement, $297,863 for student affairs and $289,232 for unallocated costs.

After the Kentucky Council of Postsecondary Education met on April 29, an 8 percent tuition cap was placed for Kentucky universities for the 2014-15 academic year.

This allows for only a 5 percent increase in the first year, leaving 3 percent for the 2015-16 academic year.

There can be a re-evaluation of the cap next year if funding from the state is cut for universities.

Gov. Steve Beshear proposed a 1.5 percent decrease in state appropriations, which is a $731,300 total reduction for the University.

State appropriations have been reduced by more than $9 million for the University since 2008.

With the 5 percent increase, each credit hour for Kentucky residents will increase from $293.50 to $308.18 per hour.

The maximum undergraduate tuition amount, which applies to students taking 12 credit hours or more, will increase from $3,522 to $3,698.10. Regional and out-of-state tuition will increase as well for students.

Outside of the tuition increase, students can see academic changes due to the budget cuts such as the consolidation of the college of Health Services and Human Sciences, which will help save the University $152,350.

To increase savings, the changes for the college include, but are not limited to, the elimination of administrative and accounting assistants, the Dean’s position and equipment used in the college.

Additionally, the budget recommendation includes a reduction in hours of operation for the Wellness Center, but no new hours have been outlined. This reduction in hours will save the University approximately $7,000.

Students will not be the only ones affected by changes.

The Faculty fee will be increased by $1 for all ticketed events, excluding athletic events and regional tournaments. While the increase may seem small, it will generate $19,000 more revenue annually.


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