Student vs. Zombie

Hunter Harrell Features Editor

I haven’t been to class on a regular schedule in weeks. I’m sick and tired. I’m also sick and tired of being sick and tired.

As the end of the semester approaches, the stress from classes, internship opportunities and summer plans increases.

As students, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We have seen the potential of freedom through Spring Break, but now we are locked back in the classrooms to cram for finals.

It’s like sitting in a restaurant watching the servers stroll by with trays full of plates that look appetizing. You’re hungry and cranky because you’ve been waiting and temptations loom about. But your food is not ready. So you sit, waiting.

In the same way, students wait. We wait for dead week. We wait to study for finals. We wait for summer. We wait for change. And all along, we are wishing away some of the best times in our lives.

Though these next two weeks will be full of stress, they will also be great opportunities to connect with friends from campus before parting for the summer. These are the days where a little sunshine can go a long way. And these are single-handedly the best weeks to learn about your friend, time management, and his many benefits.

While we endure these last weeks together and finals week approaches, campus turns into something that resembles “Zombieland,” with less weaponry.

Do you know the difference between staying human and becoming a zombie? It’s, of course, the rules. We have all heard the cliche tips and tricks to study for finals, but Zombieland has it down to a science.

For example, rule number one is cardio. Keep yourself active so you can keep up with your workload. Study outdoors where the environment is pleasant.

Rule number 29 is the buddy system. Find a friend to study with, so the stress is lessened. Though rule number four “seatbelts” may be a stretch, always take it seriously. It basically boils down to being prepared. Take the necessary precautions before the finals to ensure a buffer if you should crash and burn on the final.

Most of all though, don’t be afraid of little distractions, such as a nice meal out with friends or a game of ultimate frisbee in the Quad. Enjoy the little things – it’s rule number 32.

These next two weeks can make the college experience miserable or just another piece of the puzzle.

Don’t let the stress of finals turn you into a zombie. Take care of yourself and do the things that make you happy.


Column by Hunter Harrell, Features Editor