Letters to the Editor: 4-18-14

If Murray State has some kind of award for staffers who go above and beyond the call of duty in helping old grads, I nominate Dieter Ullrich, who heads the Special Collections at Pogue Libary.

I am just finishing a book on the Civil War in the Jackson Purchase. The University Press of Kentucky is set to print it in the fall. If it weren’t for Dieter’s invaluable help with my research, the book would have taken me at least another year to complete. Not only does he assist me on my visits to Pogue, he even scans and emails me things I need for my research – thus saving me trips from Mayfield, where I live.

Here is a recent example: working on my book on a recent Sunday afternoon, I discovered that I needed to see a rare document that shows the number of troops Kentucky furnished to the Union side.

The document is in a book in Pogue Libarary. I had a photocopy of the document but couldn’t find it.

Pogue Library is closed on the weekends. I emailed Dieter, expecting a reply on Monday. Much to my surprise, he emailed me back in a short time with a link to where I could find the document online. He dug around and found it in Google Books. I cited Dieter conspicuously on the acknowledgements page in my book. I might have another book in me. I will keep writing articles on history. In any event, I look forward to Dieter’s invaluable research assistance for years to come.


Letter from Berry Craig III, Former student from Mayfield Ky.