Breathe Carolina’s ‘Savages’ conquers new sound

Photo courtesy of Breathe Carolina releases its fourth studio album Tuesday.
Photo courtesy of Breathe Carolina releases its fourth studio album Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of
Breathe Carolina releases its fourth studio album Tuesday.

It’s not you, it’s the bass.

I’m sorry that I am not listening to you, but I can’t help but tune out all other noises to hear this next drop.

Dizzy electronic pop-punk outfit Breathe Carolina will release its fourth studio album, “Savages,” Tuesday through Fearless Records.

Thanks to Fearless Records, I was able to stream the album before its release, and what a treat it was.

From the opening track, I?felt the familiar Breathe Carolina sound. The entrance to an album is key to hooking a listener and “Bury Me” sounds like someone running until the bass drops.

I’ve always admired the electronic dance sound mixed with the alternative scene and scream of Breathe Carolina.

On its previous albums, its lyrics have always been clever. “Bury Me” set my expectations high for the rest of the album with these lyrics: “They say I’m a sinner / Tonight I’m just a thief / Hold your heart for ransom / away with me.”

I’m not saying the album lost steam, but the second track featuring Karmin lacks a wow factor that contends “Bury Me.”

Moving into “Sellouts,” featuring Danny Warsnop of Asking Alexandria, I found the roots of the band I fell for at my first Warped Tour in 2009, when their album “Hello Fascination” was released.

Then came “Shots Fired.” The title of the fourth track had me wondering how much the sound of Breathe Carolina had changed since the vocalist and co-songwriter Kyle Even left the band. I definitely missed Even’s screamed vocals, but the sick drops and variety of songs averted my attention from the huge loss.

“Shots Fired” has a rhythm and blues feel to it and transitions smoothly to my favorite song on the album, “Collide.” This is easily the next “Hello Fascination” or “I.D.G.A.F.” for Breathe Carolina fans.

Track number six, “Please Don’t Say,” starts off with an acoustic guitar different than the typical Breathe Carolina sound and lyrics that blew my mind. I?fell for this song instantly – head over heels. It’s a softer song that highlights the vocal talent of David Schmitt without all the extra autotune.

Moving into the next track “Shadows,” I was hooked to the beat.

Buried deep in the album, the title track “Savages” was catchy, but not my favorite on the album.

Following the title track, the album wraps up nicely with “Chasing Hearts,” featuring Tyler Carter, followed by “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” which has a simple yet intoxicating drop.

The final track, “Mistakes,” takes the chill route out of the album and wraps it up nicely.

Between the beats, the drops and the lyrics, the album has a solid, satisfying sound. Though different than Breathe Carolina’s previous three albums, it definitely has a place in the band’s portfolio. Long-time fans will need to adjust to change, but I’ve always been a firm believer in artists who change their sound and adapt well with the times.

In the era of dubstep and club remixes, Breathe Carolina will continue to hold its own. I am more than excited to see the band perform at Vans Warped Tour this summer.


Story by Hunter Harrell, Features Editor