Gunman reported on campus

UPDATE: According to a University spokesperson, a suspect has been apprehended in connection with tonight’s lockdown.

Vincent Burns, freshman at Murray State, was in his apartment when Murray police officers entered and took custody of his roommate, Reyon Williams. Both live at 501 Campus Evolution Villages North. Williams is currently enrolled as a student at Murray State.

“I went into my room to get my laptop, and all of the sudden I heard the police burst in and say ‘get on the ground,'” Burns said. “The officers asked me if Reyon owned a gun.”

Burns said Williams was gone most of the day and he didn’t think Williams owned a gun.

“I don’t think he was here at all during the day,” Burns said. “He seems like a nice guy, but he does have a little bit of a temper. But he usually just walked that off.”

UPDATE: As of 9:28 p.m., campus is still on lockdown. A thorough search of campus is being made at this time. Public Safety and Emergency Management reported that to their knowledge, no shots have been fired and no one is injured.

Heather Raley, sophomore from Henderson, Ky., said she and her roommates heard a lot of screaming and cops yelling put your hands up and a door slam. She said they saw about five cop cars outside of the 400 building at Campus Evolution Villages North.

Brooke McCord, freshman from Murray, said she feels extremely ill-informed on the situation.

“All we know is that there was a guy outside with a gun and someone here called public safety,” McCord said. “I went downstairs and the Residential Advisers were sitting outside and told everyone to stay in, they haven’t come to our rooms or anything yet.

“We’re really frustrated considering the guy was outside our dorm.”

The Paducah Sun reported that Racer fans at the CFSB Center will be escorted out at the end of the game. There are approximately 4,000 people there right now.

PREVIOUS STORY: At approximately 8:45 pm. on Tuesday Murray State students were alerted of a gunman on campus.

Public Safety and Emergency Management has asked that everyone stay indoors on campus. Don Robertson, vice president of Student Affairs, said Public Safety received several calls tonight regarding a suspect with a gun on campus near Pogue Library.

The Murray State Police Department is investigating a report of a man with a “long gun” in the area of Franklin Residential College, according to an email sent out from Public Safety and Emergency Management.

A witness saw the individual get into a silver vehicle and drive away from campus. Officers are searching the campus at this time. The suspect was wearing light colored shorts and a black tank top. Believed to be a white male 5’6 to 6 foot. Officers have asked everyone on campus to remain inside.

Murray State community members are reminded to be aware of their surroundings at all times and to take necessary safety precautions.

Officers will be escorting approximately 4,000 attendees out of the CFSB center after the men’s basketball game against Pacific University.

If you have information concerning this incident or other criminal activity, please call the Murray State University Police at 270-809-2222, the Murray Police Department at 270-753-1621 or if an emergency dial 911.

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  1. I hope the update about how many people were at the CFSB Center was not updated before the game was let out. If the suspect had ill intent to use lethal force on a large amount of people then you could of very easily updated him to a prime target location.

  2. so whats happening

  3. Eric Deveau No idea. All I know is the wrong guy was arrested.

  4. It is a sad world we live in. Sending people into a panic like this, over what? Someone carrying a gun? People need to get serious. We need to make a move to remove the no gun zone policies on schools and universities.

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