Spring Break destinations: Top five vacation spots for a taste of summer

After a week of midterms, students reward themselves with a vacation destination for Spring Break. With more than 850 colleges and universities in the U.S., Spring Break is a hot topic around campus and on social media. Here is a list of the top five destinations for spring breakers across the country.


1. Las Vegas

Though the “broke college student” typically cannot afford to gamble, Sin City is a hard temptation to resist. Scrape together the funds for a plane ticket, food and a little extra to throw in a slot machine and set sights toward Vegas.

A variety of bars and nightclubs offer students discounts over Spring Break as well.


2. South Padre Island, Texas

Some students want to get away and enjoy the sand, the sun and the south. South Padre Island is the perfect destination for a no-cover charge Spring Break. Beach parties, bikini contests and fireworks are all events hosted by businesses near the beach. South Padrew Island is quickly growing to be a prime sport for Spring Break parties.


3. Study abroad

Another option for Spring Break is being a part of the study abroad program. This year, Murray State students will be visiting London.

This program is an annual trip for spring breakers and allows credit for those who would want to participate, said Jamie Booth, Study Abroad Office coordinator.

“I have been multiple places for spring break, but never on a study abroad trip before,” said John Burrow, graduate student from South Fulton, Tenn. “I expect to enjoy London and to take in the various sights of the city, both historically and culturally. I plan to better grasp London’s history, which is important to me because my concentration is in British studies, specifically dealing with trade and commerce. I’m really excited to go to a new city and, hopefully, this won’t be my last time here.”


4. Panama City Beach, Fla.

A long-time favorite for college students, Panama City Beach epitomizes the Spring Break party atmosphere. From afternoons full of fun in the sun to dancing in clubs until the wee hours of the morning, Panama City Beach has much to offer.

“I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else,” Korey Mosley, freshman from Hopkinsville, Ky., said. “I have gone for the past two years and I can’t get enough of it. Each year gets better and better.”


5. Home

One of the top destinations for ultimate relaxation and minimal money loss is home. Though not the college kid’s dream choice, spending time with family is one thing students value during their time away from school.

“I’ve never been anywhere for Spring Break, so I decided to stay home this year again,” said James Martin, freshman from Shepherdsville, Ky. “I can’t wait to spend time with my family and ride my four wheelers.”


Compiled by Hunter Harrell and McKenzie Willett 

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