Senate aims to voice concerns

Jeremiah Johnson


With the goal to govern and serve the student body in mind, the Student Government Association works to make student voices heard on campus.

Jeremiah Johnson, SGA president, said being there for students is one of the main goals of SGA.

“We try our best to represent the students and what they want,” Johnson said.

There are four branches that make up SGA: the Campus Activities Board, the Judicial Board, the Residential College Association and the Senate.

The Campus Activities Board is made up of 15 chairpersons. They help promote activities for students and the community, such as laser tag and movies on campus.

The Judicial Board has 10 members. They review parking tickets and hear appeals. For instance, when a student receives a parking ticket and appeals it, the Judicial Board is in charge of deciding if the ticket stands.

The Residential College Association is the governing body of the nine residential colleges. There is one representative per college. They are in charge of addressing concerns of residents and help plan activities and programs for residents in the residential colleges.

The Senate is comprised of 46 students. There are three from each of the five academic colleges and from the Hutson School of Agriculture. There are two senators from the School of Nursing and two from each residential college, eight at-large senators and two freshmen senators. Senators must maintain a 2.5 GPA in order to keep t

heir positions.

Kayla Hartley, senator for the School of Nursing, said SGA wants what is best for the campus and is there to help students.

“All a student has to do is ask a SGA member information and they will either talk to you about the topic or find someone who does know,” Hartley said.

She said she feels that sometimes students do not take advantage of all SGA can help them with, such as contacting the student Senate or the SGA president with an issue or concern.

“I think that many students do not know about this opportunity,” Hartley said. “If students have a problem it can be addressed by SGA; that is what we are here for.”

SGA meets every Wednesday at 4 p.m. on the third floor of the Curris Center in the Barkley Room.

Johnson said he tries to keep an open line of communication between SGA and the student body.

Johnson said students are welcome to let SGA know their thoughts, concerns and opinions. This can be done by coming to meetings, contacting him or other members through emails or stopping by his office.

Said Johnson: “We cannot represent a student body that is silent.”

Story by Rebecca Walter, Staff writer