Regents discuss high hopes for new Murray State president

The Board of Regents voted unanimously in favor of Robert Davies becoming Murray State's 13th president Wednesday. Photo by Fumi Nakamura // The News.

The Board of Regents voted unanimously in favor of Robert Davies becoming Murray State’s 13th president Wednesday. Photo by Fumi Nakamura // The News.

Eastern Oregon University President Bob Davies was named the 13th president of Murray State Wednesday afternoon at the quarterly Board of Regents meeting.

Davies will begin his tenure as president July 14 and will receive a yearly salary of $300,000. Former president Randy Dunn made $257,088 annually.

This announcement came after Interim President Tim Miller was named the 12th president of the University. The board voted to remove interim from his title and Miller will finish his tenure at Murray State as president.

Board Chairman Constantine Curris said Davies has a strong track record.

“He works very hard, and he relates very well to all groups – faculty, staff, students, legislators and community representatives,” Curris said. “He will be great fit for Murray State.”

Curris said the board’s vote for Davies resulted from positive reports from the constituencies across campus.

In a campus forum earlier this week, Davies talked about the importance of transparent communication, accessibility and strategic planning for the University.

Renee Fister, faculty regent, said Davies will be a collaborative partner with faculty, staff and students, that he will be able to work with Frankfort and that he will be an asset to Murray State.

Davies met with campus constituencies earlier this week in open and closed meetings. The board interview took place Tuesday.

Provost Jay Morgan said he was happy with the board’s decision to vote Davies as president.

“I was personally very surprised with Davies’ interview,” Morgan said. “He was very open and he was very willing to give new thoughts and ideas for the University. I liked his ideas on strategic planning and branding for the University. I think he is somebody that will be a quick study of the University and will integrate well with not only with Murray State’s campus (but also) with the local community.”

Morgan, who is also vice president of Academic Affairs, said all of the vice presidents had an hour-long interview with each candidate. He said he got the chance to interview Davies while he was on campus.

“I liked 99 percent of the answers Davies gave,” Morgan said. “I thought his answers fit very well with the Murray State culture.”

The board selected Davies over Northern State University President Jim Smith.

Davies will start his tenure July 14.

Story by Meghann Anderson, News Editor