WILD WING WEDNESDAY: Students swarm Winslow for wings

Jenny Rohl/The News Shelby Ruemmler, freshman from Farmsville, Ill., eats wings at Winslow’s Wing Wednesday.

Jenny Rohl/The News
Shelby Ruemmler, freshman from Farmsville, Ill., eats wings at Winslow’s Wing Wednesday.

Wild Wing Wednesdays at Winslow Dining Hall has evolved into something special.

Students are lining up out the door to get food at Winslow and it isn’t because they are trying to fit in a meal in between classes.

Wild Wing Wednesdays started off as a bi-weekly event and since then grown to something more.

Since the increase in popularity, Wild Wing Wednesdays has become a tradition among many students at Murray State.

Joseph Woods, assistant manager at Winslow of four years, is responsible for the creation of Wild Wing Wednesdays.

“We have always leaned toward bar friendly foods late at night,” Woods said. “I just got stuck on the alliteration and it has become crazy. I figured it would be popular, but I never expected it to become what it is. It’s pretty awesome”

The event has continued to gain popularity every week since last semester as more students are coming to Winslow.

“This semester alone, late night has been crazy,” Woods said. “We consistently have at least 700 students that attend.”

The popularity of Wild Wing Wednesdays has changed the way Woods and his crew go about business on Wednesday nights.

Student manager Alisha Lestage said preparations for the event now start hours in advance.

“As soon as Late Night starts on Wednesday nights, the line for wings is out the door,” Lestage said. “As soon as the late night cooks get here, they start preparing. I get here at 4 p.m. on Wednesdays and they are already starting.”

Kenzie Dothsuk, junior from Cadiz, Ky., said she loves Wild Wing Wednesday.

“Sometimes the wings are more like little pieces of popcorn chicken,” Dothsuk said.

Nicole Ely, sophomore from Carbondale, Ill., said she agrees with Dothsuk, but said there is still room for improvement.

“I love the boneless wings,” Ely said. “But sometimes they’re stingy and usually only give you like four or five wings though.”

While wings are served during Late Night, options such as burgers and nachos are also avaliable.

John Goodwin, senior from Louisville, Ky., said when he isn’t working during Wild Wing Wednesdays, he puts off dinner to attend late night at Winslow.

“Wild Wing Wednesdays are popular,” Goodwin said. “After intramural games a lot of fraternities and sororities come to Winslow for the wings. I usually put off dinner and eat wings instead of whatever they are offering.”

Goodwin said the variety of sauces and wings keeps him coming back every Wednesday for more wings.


Story by Alex McLaughlin, Staff writer