‘Winter’s Tale’ inspires belief in miracles

Photo courtesy of fandango.com Winter’s Tale was released Feb. 15.
Photo courtesy of fandango.com Winter’s Tale was released Feb. 15.

Photo courtesy of fandango.com
Winter’s Tale was released Feb. 15.

“Magic is everywhere around us. We just have to look … closely.”

When I first sat down in the theater, notepad and pen in hand, I expected “Winter’s Tale” to be a hokey love story about magic and everlasting love. However, I was mistaken.

The film is about miracles, destiny and doing something for the good of others rather than for yourself.

Peter Lake is an orphan who made his living dancing and singing in the streets for coins and pickpocketing. One day, a man named Pearly recognizes his talent for stealing and hires him as a jewel thief, but when something goes wrong, Pearly puts a price on Peter’s head.

On one particular mission, Peter breaks into the home of a wealthy family. He finds the safe and begins to break it when he realizes that he’s not alone. He spots a woman, Beverley Penn, and immediately falls in love.

Now Peter must decide to either leave town to escape from Pearly or stay with Beverley.

Peter comes to find that inside everyone is a miracle. Each miracle is meant for one person. Once you become that miracle and fulfill your destiny, you die and become a star to be with the ones you love.

The premise of this film is chillingly beautiful. It left me feeling hopeful (and crying in the back of the theater by myself). It is full of passion and love.

I will say that the film started out a little shaky. It took me a while to figure out what was going on and where the story was heading.

Some scenes were choppy and the dialogue didn’t feel natural, but the characters worked well together.

On the other hand, the cinematography was stunning. The director accentuated the light in every scene, making the movie a work of art rather than a portrayal of a fictional story.

The movie also had reoccurring symbolism, especially the emphasis on light and stars.

Although most of the scenes were based on love and passion, it was not all mushy-gushy.

The constant battle between good and evil gave the film an edge. The “demons” led by Pearly and Lucifer try to thwart Peter’s miracle throughout the entire film. Therefore, the drama balances with the action of the fighting and conflict.

Overall, the film inspired me and made me want to bawl my eyes out, but I won’t tell you why because no one likes a spoiler.

I would recommend this movie to men and women of all ages.

Whether you need some inspiration to go find your purpose in life or you just need a good cry, this movie will appeal to everyone.


Story by Madison Wepfer, Staff writer