Childhood favorite turned work of art


Splashes of color add life and character to any room. One way students are able to add character to their rooms or apartments involves a flashback to childhood.

Melted-crayon art is one do-it-yourself project that can go a million directions.

Those who create a melted crayon canvas will have a unique piece, filled with different colors and patterns.

There is no right or wrong way to create a melted-crayon canvas.

Materials required for this DIY project include a canvas or thick poster, enough crayons to cover the top of the canvas, a hair dryer and a hot glue gun or tape, depending on whether you would like to keep the crayons on the canvas.




1. Pick out the colors of crayons and place them in a pattern of your liking. The larger the canvas, the more crayons you will need. An average size canvas uses a few more than 50 crayons. Depending on if you want to keep the crayons on the canvas, use a hot glue gun or tape and attach the crayons to the top of the canvas.


2. Once the crayons are in place, decide whether you want to place a piece of cardboard on the canvas to create a blank silhouette or if you will paint over the melted crayon later.



3. Start melting the crayons with a hairdryer, starting at the tip of the crayon and working up as the wax melts. Move the hair dryer up and down over the crayons. Controlling direction of the melting wax depends on the hair dryer’s temperature and aim.


4. Once the wax is melted to your liking, stop applying heat to the crayons. Optional: Add glitter to the wax while it is still drying. Once the wax is completely dry, you may paint words over the melted wax or remove the silhouette.


5. Let the canvas dry. The decoration is finished.



Though this project is simple, the process may get a little messy. For that reason, it is recommended that garbage bags, newspapers or towels are placed behind the canvas before melting the crayons.

Enjoy the process as well as the outcome. No two melted-crayon masterpieces are the same. Also, remember you will have a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork to hang in your room or apartment.


Story by Hunter Harrell, Features Editor