Students flock to Career Services for support after graduation

There are infinite amounts of challenges college students face when taking that first step down the path toward the “real world.”

Landing a dream job, creating a standout resume or even choosing a major are some of the challenging tasks one faces during their years of higher education.

None of these responsibilities are simple and can be even more difficult when facing them alone.

Ross Meloan, director of Career Services, said that’s what the experts at Career Services are for.

“We serve as a liaison between the outside world and what’s going on here at Murray State,” Meloan said.

Meloan said roughly 4,430 students come to the Career Services Office or contact by email or phone to get help with anything that may concern their futures.

More than 1,100 people simply stop by for help on resumes and cover letters.

“We’re getting a great deal of utilization,” Meloan said. “It’s absolutely incredible.“

Sophomore Haley Stewart used Career Services to create her resume and said her experience with the staff was nothing but positive.

“They told me what to put on the resume, how to word it and even helped me with the format of it so it looked professional,” Stewart said.

Olivia Perkins, a sophomore who struggled finding a suitable major, said the employees at Career Services worked with her to get her career on track.

“They laid out career paths for me and told me who to talk to about it,” Perkins said. “They worked really well with appointments and working around my schedule.”

While Career Services can give guidance on building a resume and choosing a major, it can also be the key to landing an internship or job.

Not only does Career Services host a career fair every semester, but it also provides a system called Racer Tracks.

Meloan encourages all students to play with the Racer Tracks system, which can be found on MyGate.

The system connects students, alumni, faculty and staff with employers who are recruiting for internships or jobs.

It can seem like a hassle to ask for help, but Meloan said stopping by Career Services is a smart choice.

“We have so many employers that really like us here at Murray State University,” Meloan said. “We encourage students to come here because it’s usually where employers start.“

Stewart said Career Services proved to be helpful, understanding and inviting.

“It’s definitely worth your time,” Stewart said. “They had tons of resources that I didn’t even realize they had.”

For those who have questions but are wavering on the decision to contact Career Services, Perkins said to take a leap of faith.

Said Perkins: “You have nothing to lose.”


Story by Taylor Crum, Contribution from JMC 397