Library store meets students’ needs

Stocked full with various snacks and drinks, Waterfield Library’s Starbooks has been a popular pit stop for students to go any time of the day when in need of a snack.

The busy store provides students with a wide selection of choices including candy bars, coffee, sodas, pastries and two soups that change daily. While there are other on-campus dining options such as Winslow Cafeteria, the Throughbred Room and the Business Express, Starbooks is centrally located on campus.

While the store has recently removed Jasmine Thai and Sushi Bar, its popularity hasn’t wavered and looks to continue to serve students.

Sophomore Taylor Fischer from St. Louis, Mo. said she believes the store is popular among students because of its easily accessible location.

“I think it’s been so busy because it’s so convenient,” Fischer said. “If you’re in a hurry or if a class gets out and you have a few minutes to spare before your next one, it’s the perfect place to go and grab a quick snack before heading on your way.”

Fischer, who prefers to satisfy her between class cravings with Baked Lays and a 7UP, said the store has many options that attract students.

However, she said the only thing the store could work on is to stock items more often with such a large amount of customers going in and out.

“Sometimes it seems like they don’t restock their items as often as they should,” Fischer said. “I’ve been there before when a whole stack of shelves were practically empty. Other than that I think their service and options are great.”

She said she knows the workers are busy, but with so many students wanting jobs, maybe they could hire a few more people.

Options, which include the popular items coffee, soda, water, energy drinks and the soups, are things the student workers at Starbooks try to keep constantly stocked for the busy rush hours.

Fischer said the busiest time for Starbooks is in the morning and around Noon.

“Whenever it gets super busy, we try to make sure that there are two registers open, but sometimes even that doesn’t help,” she said. “We try to keep an eye on coffee levels, too. We mostly try to balance keeping the registers going and keeping things stocked.”


Story by Mary Bradley, Staff writer