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3 Hearts Yoga juice bar offers students stree-free atmosphere

January 31, 2014
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Jenny Rohl/The News 3 Hearts Yoga displays a sign showing different blends available daily in the studio’s in-house juice bar.

Jenny Rohl/The News
3 Hearts Yoga displays a sign showing different blends available daily in the studio’s in-house juice bar.

Murray has a new hotspot for students and community members who have caught the yoga bug and are looking for a place to start a healthy new habit.

3 Hearts Yoga opened in town almost three months ago and has had an outpouring of support from people throughout Murray who are looking to find a sense of calm and peace. The yoga studio also offers customers the chance to cool down after a workout by stopping by its convenient in-house juice bar.

“I got into juicing for my own health after going through open heart surgery when I was 23,” said Marcy Snodgrass, owner of 3 Hearts Yoga. “So that is what got me on my journey of yoga and health and I just wanted to be able to share that with as many people as I can.”

Snodgrass said the idea for the studio came to her and two friends after the three of them spent time traveling to different yoga retreats together. The name of the store is also a reflection of the three women’s friendship.

“There are three of us friends that actually all just came up with some ideas and we all three live in different cities,” she said. “Eventually we will have three 3 Hearts Yoga studios in three different places around the country.”

For Snodgrass, opening a yoga studio with a juice bar attached made perfect sense, considering, in her opinion, that the two go hand in hand naturally.People who come into the studio looking for either one are usually always looking for something to improve their health.

A favorite question Snodgrass always finds herself being asked is whether she is moving toward or away from health.

“I always say toward health,” she said. “I think these just so easily go together. Yoga students love juice and the juice bar has brought in yoga students, so the two just really complement each other well.”

The studio offers different sessions of yoga daily from Hot Yoga to Yoga Basics to Rock and Roll, Rise and Shine classes in the early morning.

While the Wellness Center on campus offers yoga classes as well, Snodgrass said students have a chance to get into a different atmosphere and get away from campus for a while.

“I hope this would teach students to be able to go anywhere, to any city, and walk into a studio and do yoga and feel comfortable,” she said. “We want to provide people with that basic exercise that you can do for the rest of your life.”

Snodgrass is an instructor, along with a former student, of all the classes offered at the studio and said she got started into yoga when she needed something to decrease her stress level. At the time, her job required her to travel frequently and she then made a commitment to attend a yoga class and visit a juice bar in every city she traveled to.

Students can be benefitted by partaking in a yoga class to help them stay grounded and get focused Snodgrass said. And it is also an easy way to spend time with friends while getting in an extra workout.

“Finals week is a great time for students to come in and take a class,” Snodgrass said. “With all the stress students are put under it’s a great way for them to find some peace and improve on their concentration and memory.”


Story by Breanna Sill, Assistant Features Editor

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