New coffee shop, deli opens

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Ana Bundy/The News
Gigabites Deli and Cafe is open on 15th Street next to Gear Up Cycles Bike Shop.

Gigabites Deli and Cafe has opened on 15th Street next to Gear Up Cycles Bike Shop.

The Pilgrim family, the owner of Gigabites, was inspired to provide a place for Murray residents with a different atmosphere that attracts those who are looking for the middle ground between the library scene and the bar scene.

Gigabites’ inaugural opening has been a long time in the making.

The process of reaching opening day required more than a year of work from the Pilgrim family. The building required a complete makeover. Renovations included walls, floors and getting the city and state governments involved to turn the Pilgrim section of the building into a fully functional deli and cafe.

Murray State alumna Kara McCoil, who was a graphic design student, provided much of the artwork that Gigabites uses. The Gigabites logo, as well as the art designs for various elements of the cafe, created by McCoil.

Andrew Pilgrim, Murray State alumnus and owner of Gigabites, said one of his focuses is to establish a strong relationship with the University and its students.

“I like catering to the college students,” Pilgrim said. “I want the place to be easily accessible for people to come in, bring their laptops and plug in and use the high-speed Wi-Fi.”

Pilgrim wanted to bring an alternative to the traditional choices of off-campus eateries for students.

“I want the place to be comfortable,” he said. “I wanted to provide a space where people could relax, drink some coffee and study for a while. I’ve even had some faculty come in and ask about bringing their classes here.”

Pilgrim said beside the University, he also wants to involve the community with his business as much as possible.

“I’ve always wanted to focus on using local produce such as the stuff that comes out of the Farmers Market,” Pilgrim said. “As soon as Tree of Life gets up and running, a business that gets local farmers connected to small businesses like me, I plan to use much more organic produce.”

Tree of Life is a business that meets with farmers and ensures that the produce is organic and the relationships between local businesses and local farmers remain strong.

“I really want to see Murray grow,” Pilgrim said. “I like to be on the cutting edge of green technology. I like to help innovative people.”

Pilgrim said Gigabites offers something unique to Murray.

“(Gigabites is) one of the only places that offers the custom deli experience,” he said. “I give people an alternative to the loud bar or quiet library.”

The Pilgrim family plans to give the Murray community more opportunities to become involved with its business. Gigabites cafe and Deli already works with Kirchoff Deli to provide the breads for their sandwiches as well as some baked goods.

Pilgrim said in the future Gigabites will have live music. He said he also wants to get involved with the Murray Art Guild and display local students’ artwork on the walls.

Said Pilgrim: “I just want to support local talent in Murray.”


Story by Alex McLaughlin, Staff writer