A lonely bag of nuts leaves students curious

Murray State students got a taste of guerilla marketing this week when students for Marketing 569 (Promotions Management) worked together to promote a potential Murray State Athletics’ product, Dunker’s Mix.

“It was interesting to watch people react to this random brown bag sitting in a walkway,” Tony Hoskie said. “Some people were afraid to see what was inside but we had a few open the bag.”

The guerilla advertisement consisted of an abandoned brown bag. The bag, covered with doodles that read, “Take one” and “Feed the Stampede,” the guerilla-marketing tactic aimed to make people in the areas curious. As passersby noticed the bag, few stopped to give it some attention. Inside this bag were promotional materials for Dunker’s Mix that included facts about the various mixed nuts, QR codes leading smartphone users to promotional videos and the official Dunker’s Mix logo. Team 1 recorded the reactions from people passing by in hopes that they would take the bate.

“The hands-on project gave us the chance to get really creative and as a result we saw first hand how people reacted to this random project that we created,” Patsy Pierce said.