Students weigh pros, cons of movie viewing

Ana Bundy/The News New releases as well as old favorites are available to rent at Family Video.

Whether people prefer to dress up for a night out or snuggle under a blanket in the comfort of their underwear, watching movies is a form of entertainment anyone can enjoy.

The choice between renting a movie or seeing it in theaters each have their pros and cons. However, on a tight budget and with the risk of seeing a bad movie, the decision between renting and going to a theater becomes more important.

Numerous pros and cons are equated with renting movies, as well as seeing a movie in the theater. One of the biggest differences between renting movies and theater viewing is price. Renting a movie costs significantly less than buying just one movie ticket.

“I prefer to rent movies,” said Jasmine Middlebrook, junior from Memphis, Tenn. “The theaters are too expensive.”

Ana Bundy/The News New releases as well as old favorites are available to rent at Family Video.

Ana Bundy/The News
New releases as well as old favorites are available to rent at Family Video.

Renting a single movie can cost between $1 and $4, depending on the place the individual rents from and the release date of the movie. Theater tickets generally cost between $6 and $12. Typically, college students prefer to save a little money here and there; however, some students would rather splurge on tickets to see a show for a majority of reasons.

“Renting movies cost less than buying the movie on DVD or watching it in theaters,” said Kari Street, junior from Paducah, Ky. “But I enjoy the experience of going to the movies with friends and family. You also get to see a movie long before you can rent it.”

The experience and exclusivity of seeing a movie in the theater overpowers the low cost of renting as well for Nikki King, senior from Paducah.

“If there is a movie coming out that I am really excited about, I love going to the theater to see it,” she said. “It’s the same as listening to one of my favorite bands. The CD sounds great at my house, but it’s such a neat experience to see them perform live.”

Though King and Street prefer to see movies in the theaters, they admit renting movies does have other benefits where the theater lacks.

One of those benefits is convenience. Renting a movie is more of a self-service when compared with the theater where the employees wait on customers and clean up afterward. There is no adhering to show times or rules of cell phone use in a crowded theater. However, while cheaper and more convenient, some students agree renting even has obstacles.

“Theaters are full of people,” Middlebrook said. “Sometimes you just want to watch a movie alone. But the late fees really add up.”

Another inconvenience of renting movies includes the six to eight month wait between the theater screening and the release of DVDs. By the time the DVD is released, millions of people have already seen the movie and spoiled the plot in reviews.

“Though renting a movie is cheaper, you have to wait for the movie to come out on DVD,” said Caitlin Dunaway, freshman from Salem, Ill. “If you are dying to see it you, will have to wait a couple months before you can rent it.”

In the end, both going to the theaters to see a movie and renting them from a gallery have pros and cons. Neither medium has a flawless record, and the best viewing option often lies in the opinion and wallet of the students.


Story by Hunter Harrell, Assistant Features Editor