Savannah Sawyer


Halloween is one of the best holidays, hands down. I mean, who doesn’t like getting candy? Or, when you’re older, you can buy a huge bag of candy for the “trick-or-treaters.”

When I was little, Halloween was the best thing that could possibly happen. My neighborhood is set in a wooded area, so it was always fun and spooky trick-or-treating.

Weeks in advance, sometimes even months, I would think about what I wanted to be that year. Then, my mom and I would go out and buy or get material to make my costume. Some of my favorite costumes have been Peter Pan (pictured right), a ’50s girl and, in high school, my friends and I made our own costumes and dressed up as the Fanta girls (pictured below).

But, as the years have passed, I have been less likely to dress up. It’s not that I frown on people my age that do, it’s just not my thing. Even though I don’t participate in the same Halloween events I once did as a kid, the holiday is still great because there is something for everyone.


When I was younger, the best thing was dressing up and going to school in your costume and eventually trick-or-treating.

At this point in my life, I’m enjoying things like pumpkin picking and carving and, well, just about anything pumpkin flavored.

In a few years, when I have my own family, I can’t wait to start the cycle over again by dressing up my kids as whatever they want and taking them trick-or-treating.


Column by Savannah Sawyer, Features Editor