Letters to the Editor: 10.24.13

I have a strange hobby of reading the papers long after they have been written. I like to look at the views of past articles and see if there is any transition from the past to the present.

It is my misfortune to say that there is no progress. It is Oct. 18, 2013, a year after an article I read bashing ones with faith, and today I see this is still a trend. Is this the standard? Is this where students turn a blind eye to the opinions of being ridiculed and chastised on behalf of one’s faith?

In William Zingrone’s article titled, “Facts, Not Faith Should Dominate Decision in D.C.” from Oct. 18, 2012, he focused on the “intolerant and probably religious person(s)” that would like for those to pose the question, “what would Jesus do?”

First of all, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want others blaspheming others as intolerant and looking at one’s faith in a negative connotation for doing the act of tearing down posters, when Zingrone has no witness of that.

There seems to be a pattern that Zingrone is consistently giving the “right-winged, intolerant, Christian bigots,” and that is simply, “shut up, sit down and listen to what the ‘open minded, left-winged, non-religious’ people have to say on every subject of every matter.”

Zingrone touched on Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.), on the opinions he has on embryology and the theory of evolution, stating that Broun “pick(s) holes based on his faith in an absurd creation myth,” when in fact Zingrone seems to be consistently picking holes on people of faith, calling it an “absurd creation myth” in order to compensate the “legitimacy” of his faith, or lack thereof.

For example, when he brings about a fact of “at least 50 percent or more of human embryos die in the first two weeks,” and suddenly speaks of not only Broun, but clearly the entire Christian population who disagrees with Zingrone views of the formation of the universe as “constituting the killing of a human person,” when in fact if Zingrone would open up a book, other than Richard Dawkins or blogs from P.Z. Myers, one will find that in Black’s Law Dictionary it defines murder as:

“The crime committed where a person of sound mind and discretion kills any human creature in being and in the peace of the state or nation without any warrant, justification or excuse in law with malice aforethought, express or implied, that is, with a deliberate purpose or a design or determination distinctly formed in the mind before the commission of the act, provided that death results from the injury inflicted within one year and a day after its infliction.”

Therefore, the natural death of an embryo cannot be determined as murder.

Unfortunately, every week I see blatant disrespect by the Opinion section on how one’s faith has no place for being taken seriously.

It is faith that has led many to serve those who are dying of starvation, disease, a mundane water source.

Missionaries who give their lives, both domestically and internationally, to give shelter to the homeless, cure the ill, provide jobs to the unemployed – all of these are minute examples of how one’s faith has effected lives – the faithful and the unfaithful.

It seems that Zingrone has generalized the meaning of what faith is and believing in your creator, which is put “beautifully” by P.Z. Myers, which seems to be under the impression, his role-model, says:

“Faith is a vice pretending to be a virtue, its lies and errors and frothy nonsense deluding us and distracting us from action.

There’s no salvation in wishful thinking, only inertia. Faith is the enemy of reason.

The one thing every single one of us here must be united in despising is faith.

It’s the barren refuge of the vacuous, the fearful, the frauds and the obstacles to accomplishment.” (Reason Rally speech at the National Mall in Washington D.C.)

Finally, to Zingrone’s initial question he poses, I ask him the same question, “what would Jesus do?” And to the readers I pose the question, “why is there silence in the opposing side?”

We all have opinions, Republican or Democrat, Christian and Atheist. Racers, it is time you take your place.


Letter by David Madewell, Junior from Murray

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  1. Martin Severns | October 25, 2013 at 3:53 pm |

    David, you have made a great stand. One of the greatest provokers of Christian growth is loud opposition. Most people that dispute Christian and Biblical claims are not “freethinkers” but simply people who are angered by others that do not share their views. It shows little concern for societal well-being. The Bible teaches that “the cross is foolishness to those that are perishing” so we all must understand there will be opposing thoughts. But there is a great blessing by this opposition. Those who believe the Bible to be true in all its teaching are challenged to think deeply and open themselves to divine guidance that is driven by faith. Not a faith that is fueled by theories of science, but a faith that is strengthened by science. Even the opposition holds that the universe and the earth share the same age so even in their bluster, they move unintentionally back to Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning.” Even Professor Zingrone’s profane rebuke is a great tool for the advance of Christian and Biblical truths. No weapon formed against Yahweh will prosper.

    Please continue to be a strong example on campus for integrity, compassion, and righteousness. There will always be a Shimei, “for so the Lord has ordered him.” Those who oppose you can only strengthen you.

    Martin Severns
    Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church

  2. Debbie Woods | October 25, 2013 at 8:20 pm |

    David, Your letter is a great encouragement! We all have 'faith' in something, even those who loudly say they do not. Put on that armor and continue to take a stand!!

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