‘Hold Your Horses’ to premiere in Mason Hall

Dating can be complicated, especially in college. Some people can be shy and not have the confidence to start dating, while others can talk to multiple potential partners at once. There are many kinds of relationships in today’s society and multiple ways to meet people.

Social media, online dating and blind dates are just a few of the ways to meet new people.

Jamaal Gardner, senior from Paris, Tenn., is increasing ways to meet people by starting a dating show called “Hold Your Horses.”

Gardner is hosting the new dating show with surprising twists and turns. Gardner is a part of the Murray State TV Club and came up with the idea this past summer.

“I’m really excited about this show and how people are going to react to it,” Gardner said with enthusiasm. “I have my own technical team and crew with me to do the show and I love them so much. I have passed out flyer after flyer, and people’s reactions are priceless when they hear me say, ‘I am the host of a new dating show on Murray State’s campus called ‘Hold Your Horses’ and it’s supposed to be awesome. Come out and check it out.’”

The central idea of the show is to have a contestant on one side of a wall, who is looking for a dating partner, to ask questions, while three or four other contestants answer his or her questions about themselves.

“There are going to be many surprises throughout the show including a mystery contestant that sits in the audience trying to steal your man or girl,” Gardner said.

The show will have two rounds. The first round will be question-and-answer between the contestants. The second-round will be more intense as the audience members get involved. In the second round, contestants will be put in the “friend zone” if they are not chosen, Gardner said.

“I know the show will have a great turn out and will, hopefully, become a popular series,” he said. “It will be in front of a live studio audience, so they can interact with the contestants themselves. The winner will receive a free gift card to a local restaurant that we provide for them. After their date is over, we will keep the viewers updated on what has happened.”

The first episode of “Hold Your Horses” was filmed Wednesday. The episode will premiere Oct. 30.


Story by McKenzie Willet, Staff Writer