HALLOWEEN COSTUMES – Five creative, cheap costume ideas for any college student

During this time of year, shopping for Halloween costumes is one of the first things on many college students’ minds. Sometimes decisions between the usual costumes like vampires or pirates can get lost in the crowd without creative ways to make them unique. To set yourself apart, here are some ideas The News put together that anyone can create on their own to give their costume its own personal flair.



Create a modern spin-off of the classic superhero. For example, take a superhero costume and make it feminine enough for a woman to wear. Anyone can do this by adding a tutu of the same color scheme. Another option would be dressing up as any superhero by wearing a T-shirt with a logo of the preferred superhero and add the tutu with leggings or tall socks, as shown above in the photograph picturing Wonder Woman. If those don’t suit your style, create your own superhero.



Costumes for groups are not always the easiest to come up with, especially if it is last minute. One option would be an original ‘90s child favorite, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” All that would be needed to complete this costume would be a green T-shirt, shorts, tights and a primary color bandana. What really sets off the costume is the shell. Take a roasting pan, which you can find at Walmart for less than $2, spray paint it brown and add ribbon to wear it like a backpack.



As expected, couple’s costumes are always a crowd pleaser. People usually tend to go the Barbie and Ken or the peanut butter and jelly route. This Halloween, creating a great couple costume is easy. A simple option would be recreating the looks of Jay Gatsby and Daisy from the popular summer movie, “The Great Gatsby.” The male would just need to throw on a sport coat and dress pants, which could be easily obtained for cheap at a nearby thrift store. The female could sew some fringe on a sequin dress and add a strand of sequin ribbon and a feather from a craft store for the headpiece.



Finding a suitable costume for guys is sometimes a problem, but Halloween is a great excuse for a guy to get a few laughs. A funny costume option for a guy would be to become a human kissing booth.

To create this costume, use a box, some paint and a small amount of fabric, as shown above. This idea could also help the lucky guy get a few kisses in by the end of the night.


Another great costume idea is to mimic something done by your favorite celebrity. For example, Lauren Conrad makes a simple Minnie Mouse costume look adorable.

Just by finding an everyday red and white polka dot dress and adding cute socks, shoes and fun hair with a bow, she is party ready without looking too overdone.


Whether you are flying solo or complementing someone else’s costume, anyone could make their costume unique this Halloween. Adding any kind of personal touch to a costume is going to make it stand out more than just a $19.99 costume off the shelf at Walmart.


Story by Breanna Sill, Staff Writer