CAB promotes activities, involvement

Taylor McStoots/The News Earlier in the semester, CAB sponsored a laser tag event in the Curris Center, free for all students.

From bringing in speakers such as Bill Nye to hosting movie nights in the Curris Center, the Campus Activities Board is in charge of providing numerous programs for students to become involved on campus and enjoy themselves.


What it does for the University

The Campus Activities Board, a branch of the Student Government Association, helps promote and plan events throughout the year for students and the community.

Julia Hilkey, president of the Campus Activities Board, said the events promoted through CAB provide a great way for students to branch out and have a good time without having to go too far away from Murray’s campus.

“The events which are hosted by the campus activities board help to provide students with numerous things to do,” Hilkey said. “Students do not have to go to another city to find something to do and enjoy themselves.”

Taylor McStoots/The News Earlier in the semester, CAB sponsored a laser tag event in the Curris Center, free for all students.

Taylor McStoots/The News
Earlier in the semester, CAB sponsored a laser tag event in the Curris Center, free for all students.

The CAB is also in charge of organizing events such as Homecoming, the Miss Murray State Pageant, guest lectures, concerts and events such as laser tag, for students to participate in and attend.

Funding for the events provided by CAB come from the SGA budget and student activity fees.

Fifteen chairpersons make up CAB and each holds a particular position pertaining to a specific event.

Positions include multi-cultural awareness, the Miss MSU Scholarship Pageant, Homecoming and Murray Madness, innovative acts (free events), showcasing, lectures, concerts, membership, the residential college association, publicity banner and table tents, production design, non-traditional commuter students, production sound and lights.

These chairpersons are appointed and voted on by the SGA and the Resident College Activities chair each spring.

Hilkey said it takes time and effort from several students to make events happen, but the dedication and hard work from members makes it possible.


How to become involved

There are a few ways for students to become involved with the campus activities board. One way is to become a cabbie, which is a volunteer who helps with events such as concerts and guest lectures to assist wherever is needed.

These duties can include a variety of tasks such as giving out programs, checking tickets and providing security.

Students who are interested in becoming a cabbie are required to fill out an online application before becoming involved.

Once a student becomes comfortable with the tasks required for a chairperson of the CAB, they can apply to become a chairperson, which requires an interview and application process.

Hilkey said the experience students gain from being involved in CAB can open many doors both personally and professionally.

“It is important for the members to be responsible and hardworking,” Hilkey said. “Those who are involved need to know what is happening around campus.”

Hilkey said being involved in CAB?provides a way to make friends as well.

CAB has several events planned for the remainder of the semester, including laser tag, movie nights and the Rocky Horror Picture Show event around Halloween.

Hilkey said it is important to CAB?to make sure the voice of the students is heard and that they receive the programs they want.

CAB is actively seeking out student opinions on what concerts, programs and guest lectures to bring to the University.

The organization is also in charge of bringing in guest lecturer Bill Nye the Science Guy to campus Feb. 4, 2014.

Hilkey said she encourages all students who are interested in becoming a part of CAB to fill out an application and get involved.

Said Hilkey: “Being a part of Campus Activities Board gives (students) something to do and be proud of.”


Story by Rebecca Walter, Staff Writer