Softball remains undefeated in fall ball

The Racers continued to hold a perfect record for their fall season after winning a double-header against Kentucky Wesleyan on Friday.

Head Coach Kara Amundson said the Racers have looked good on the field this season and continue to improve.

“Our pitching staff has just done an incredible job in coming out and being efficient attacking hitters early in the count, which is something that we preach all the time,” Amundson said.

She said the defense behind the pitchers has also been solid. So far, the team has only made one error. With it being so early in the season, Amundson said the strong play is impressive.

Amundson said the team played well in its last game, but there is one thing she saw upn which the team needs to improve.

“We did a great job in getting hits and working counts, but we swung at some pitches that we probably don’t need to be swinging at,” Amundson said.

She said the team made good adjustments throughout the game, but that is the area they need to focus on.

To go along with their talent, Amundson said the Racers have incredible attitudes out on the field – something she said is her favorite part about the season so far.

“They love getting out there and competing,” Amundson said. “Everyone has a positive attitude, and they are working really hard which is what you want to see at this time of the year.”

She said if the team can keep its chemistry and continue working hard, the things they need to do will fall into place by the time they get to the spring schedule.

The Racers’ last competition of the fall season, aside from the alumni game, was a doubleheader Thursday against Lakeland.

Amundson said before the game that the Racers would end the season on a high note as long as they keep playing the way they have played all season.

“Lake Land is a pretty solid team and will definitely give us a good test to see where we are at right now in the fall, but I think if we keep playing our game and keep playing controlled the way we have, we’ll do just fine,” Amundson said.

Overall, Amundson said she is excited to see what the spring season has in store for the Racers.

She said she is still trying to figure out where everyone will play on defense, but she is ready for next semester and a new season.

Said Amundson: “We have a ton of very talented players this year, and I’m just really looking forward to seeing how they continue to develop in the spring.”


Story by Taylor Crum, Staff Writer