Letters to the Editor: 9.25.13

Little more than a month into this fall semester, assistant professor of psychology William Zingrone has written two rousing articles for The News designed to stir anyone Christian, such as myself.

While Mr. Zingrone has alluded to Christian denominations as being restrictive, I would like to share how it has held the opposite effect on me and many like me.

In my 20 trips around the sun, I have found that my faith has provided me with endless opportunities and helped me to thrive.

In his latest article, mention was made of a “Christian cocoon.” While the connotation in the article was that the cocoon was a restrictive structure, a more accurate biological description of a cocoon is that it is a protective and formative structure. Inside the cocoon, the young butterfly larva is protected until it develops into an adult butterfly ready to face the world.

Likewise, I consider my faithful household a protective and formative place.

Some children today are unfortunately born into households riddled with drug use, spousal abuse, gang violence, divorce and countless other tragic situations. They

did not experience the freedoms I enjoyed.

While I was free to play with my toys, they were hiding from abusive parents.

While I was free to watch TV, they were wondering if they would get supper that night.

While I was free to learn and grow as a kid, they were preoccupied by matters they were too mentally and physiologically immature to handle or comprehend.

Without their cocoon of sorts, they were as vulnerable as a young larva in the wild, more concerned about surviving than thriving.

The other thing about cocoons is that they don’t last forever; when the time is right, the mature larva flies out into the world.

When my “cocoon” was broken, I went out into the world given every opportunity to flourish.

The faith instilled in me at a young age has been freeing at a whole new level now. I don’t wrestle daily with concerns of things I cannot change. My faith in the Lord has given me infinite direction and purpose.

We are all endowed with free will from our creator, but I know there is a plan for me. Without this guidance, I would not have been able to thrive and succeed to the extent I have thus far in life.

The book of Hebrews tells us that “Faith is the realization of what is hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.”

My proven faith in the Lord and Christianity has helped me to put faith in others as well. Whether it is organizing a philanthropy event or working to recruit new members, I routinely put faith in my fraternity brothers.

Our faith we put in each other allows us to work together on many different projects, and when it’s all said and done, we realize huge success.

When I came to Murray State, I put faith in my academic adviser and professors, the benefits of which I will continue to realize my whole life.

My faith throughout my life has been the complete opposite of restriction. By having faith, I have been free to thrive and lead a very successful life.


Letter by Joshua Johnston, Junior from Henderson, KY