America’s favorite rednecks return to Graves County

Photo courtesy of Willie, Korie, Sadie and John Luke Robertson will make an appearance at Graves County High School Sept. 28.

The famous bearded family from A&E’s hit show “Duck Dynasty” will be at Graves County High School Sept. 28 to share their experiences as a family once again.

Willie, Korie, Sadie and John Luke Robertson will appear to share their message with the community on the importance of faith and family.

In the past, Jase, Si and Missy were welcomed to Graves County to share their life stories. This time, four different members of the “Duck Dynasty” family will share their stories in hopes of providing a positive influence on local youth.

“We are bringing (the “Duck Dynasty” family) back because they made such an impact on the people that came to our event the last time,” said Doug Gloyd, athletic director of Graves County High School. “This time, I feel that bringing the kids of “Duck Dynasty” is important. They are truly genuine people that have a message that needs to be heard.”

In addition to the important message the Robertson family shares, Gloyd believes the popularity of the show has created excitement and in turn, will draw a large crowd.

“What is exciting about them coming is they are the hottest people in the world right now,” Gloyd said. “You cannot go anywhere without seeing something associated with ‘Duck Dynasty.’ With that being said, they are coming to western Kentucky and events such as this do not happen very often.”

After a record-breaking third season, “Duck Dynasty” is now in its fourth. The show airs Wednesday nights and has a growing audience nationwide. Gloyd believes one of the factors contributing to the popularity of the show is the strong family values portrayed.

“‘Duck Dynasty’ has become so popular because of their values and beliefs,” Gloyd said. “Television has changed tremendously over the past 30 years. There are no longer shows like ‘The Waltons,’ ‘Little House on the Prairie’ or even ‘The Dukes of Hazzard.’ All of those shows were based on family. With ‘Duck Dynasty,’ faith and family is what it is based on and people are attracted to that. Of course, it is pretty funny as well.”


Story by Hunter Harrell, Assistant Features Editor