Students make their place in Murray State tradition

Murray State’s slogan “Take Your Place” has students getting involved in clubs and organizations that exist on campus.

With more than 170 registered and University-recognized clubs and organizations, there are many opportunities for Racers to find a place to belong.

However, a new trend has risen on campus. Though there’s a large variety of clubs, student interest is vast. Because of the cornucopia of human interests, students are creating their own clubs.

According to Jeanie Morgan, coordinator of student activities, students form clubs in order to find their place at Murray State.

“Students are encouraged to get involved,” she said. “Therefore, if they do not find an organization that interests them, they can form one with students that have a similar interest.”

Contrary to popular belief, the clubs don’t spring up overnight.

Last year, a few TV production majors decided to form an organization to allow students to collaborate on TV show ideas and production practices. The TV club, advised by Chris Haynes, a TV production professor, gives students with an interest in TV production a chance to gain experience.

“Many Television Production students end up working on campus for digital media services.” Haynes said. “However, they can’t hire them all.”

Haynes also believes there are benefits of the students raising interest to form the club.

“Now, we have a group that is largely responsible for making their own opportunities fueled by their own creativity,” he said. “And they are doing it with the support of the faculty in the television production sequence.”

In order to form a club, students must go through a series of paperwork and attend many  meetings. Though the clubs can register online anytime throughout the year, they must also acquire a faculty adviser and Murray State’s permission.

Austin Smock, junior from Bowling Green, Ky., knows the step-by-step process of creating a club well.

“To create a club, you have to first create an idea for a club,” he said. “Then you have to get a group of friends who are interested as well. Then you have the school’s club registration process.”

Smock is the creator of the newest club on campus, the Murray State Legends.

“The club is based on a (video) game called League of Legends,” he said. “We have a large gaming community on campus, and it is a game I play a lot in my spare time and I am really passionate about.”

The group had an informational meeting as well as its first official meeting last week. Within that time, it has already accumulated almost 60 members.

Smock believes the idea of Racers being able to make their place on campus allows students to meet others with the same interests.

“It is important that Murray State allows students to make their own clubs because it brings people together,” he said.

It’s time for Murray State students to either take or make their place.


Story by Hunter Farrell, Staff Writer