Student rises to social media fame through Vine videos

Calvina Liebig/The News Jeremy Brown works on one of his latest Vines in Franklin Residental College.
Calvina Liebig/The News Jeremy Brown works on one of his latest Vines in Franklin Residental College.

Calvina Liebig/The News
Jeremy Brown works on one of his latest Vines in Franklin Residental College.

It is no doubt that social media has grown immensely over the last couple of years through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Myspace. People everywhere are getting more and more addicted to what is going on in their timelines and newsfeeds.

Jeremy Brown would say the same thing.

Brown, junior from Atlanta, Ga., is well known for his hilarious Vines.

Vine is the latest in social media. It is a mobile app that allows the user to post video clips limited at six seconds.

“Vine is a fun way to make people laugh,” Brown said. “I love making people laugh and being silly in general.”

Brown said he just started making Vines earlier this year and has loved it ever since.

“I always find myself checking my phone constantly,” he said. “I always find people remaking, revining, liking or commenting on my Vines. It’s crazy to me how this whole thing blew up in the matter of months. I currently have over 14,000 followers on Vine.”

In his free time, when he is not making Vines, Brown likes to hang out with friends, play video games and listen to music.

“I try to do at least one Vine per day, but since school has started I end up posting every two to three days,” Brown said. “Vining just comes natural to me. I don’t write scripts, I just want to make people laugh. The person I am on Vine is the same person I am in real life.”

When it comes to Brown’s fan base, he always finds himself trying to keep up to date on what kind of feedback they are giving him.

“I love my fans,” he said. “They are what keep me Vining every day. Some of the reactions I have gotten over my Vines are crazy. Lots of people just stare and say, ‘Are you really Jeremy Scott?’ One time I went to go eat lunch at Winslow and a random girl got my attention and asked me if she could get a picture? Of course I said yes, but it’s still shocking to me today that people actually recognize me on and off campus.”

Brown said the comments he receives range from “Marry me?” to “Oh my gosh, this is so true.”

“My fans are the best, and I love to re-vine and comment on others because it’s fun,” Brown said.

“I’m on Vine every day, but when I’m not checking my notifications; I like to watch other people’s Vines like Max Junior, King Bash or Jessie Smiles,” he said.

“I would love to meet one of them eventually and make, what we call, a ‘supervine.’”

Brown explains Vine can be fun, but if he could change one thing about Vine it would be to automatically edit your descriptions in your headers.

“I find it so annoying when you misspell one word in your heading and you would have to go back and repost, because of that one misspelled word,” Brown said.

At the end of the day, Brown is just a regular guy, but with a big reputation on social media.

“You only have six seconds to sound funny, and if you have that talent then I respect you for that,” Brown said.

Follow Brown on Vine@JeremyScott.


Story by McKenzie Willett, Contributing Writer

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