Another season

Savannah Sawyer

The leaves are slowly starting to change and sweater weather is just around the corner (one could hope). That could only mean a new season is upon us, a new TV season, that is.

I?love TV and can never seem to get enough of it. Not only do I watch a plethora of TV shows currently on-air, I also re-watch series like “Friends” (I’ve seen the series about four or five times), “Friday Night Lights” (I’ve seen it about three times) and my all time favorite, “Gilmore Girls,” which I am currently re-watching for about the eighth time.

While each year at about this time I get excited for the new TV shows to come, I tend to forget about the ones that have been canceled. While I’ve been gearing up for the new seasons I’ve come to the realization some of my favorite shows have been canceled.


1. “Up All Night”

This was a show I predicted to be successful when it first aired in 2011. The show was amazing. It had a great cast, that is, until its star actor, Christina Applegate, decided to up and quit. It was rumored the producers were going to try to continue on with the show but ultimately decided it would be best to cancel the show for good. “Up All Night” followed the lives of a young couple with reversed gender roles. The mother, played by Applegate, worked full time while the father, played by Will Arnett, was a stay at home dad to their baby daughter. The show also starred funny woman Maya Rudolph. It was a great show and had endless potential. Unfortunately, not everyone saw it that way.


2. “The New Normal”

Created by the same producers as FOX hit “Glee” I was sure “The New Normal” would be a shoe-in. The show was about two homosexual men and the ups and downs of their everyday lives. They decided they wanted to have a baby and get a surrogate to carry it. The surrogate and her daughter became close with the couple and form a sort of family of their own throughout the pregnancy. While it came out (see what I did there?) to decent reviews, the show didn’t maintain high ratings.


3. “Happy Endings”

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite show on this list of canceled shows is ironically, “Happy Endings.” I honestly cannot tell you where this show went wrong. It was like a modern day version of “Friends” if “Friends” took place in Chicago. All the actors were exceptional, the story lines were endless and not to mention the show was hilarious. Out of all the shows listed, I will definitely miss this one the most. I sense an afternoon of binge watching this show on Netflix in my near future.


Column by  Savannah Sawyer, Features Editor