Qdoba arriving in Murray

This fall, The Burrito Shack will encounter competition when a similar restaurant when Qdoba Mexican Grill opens on 12th Street.

The Burrito Shack was opened in October 2009 by Matt Gingles and his father. Since that time, it has had a monopoly on the large-burrito market in Murray. Gingles, a 28-year-old Murray native, said he is not worried about the new chain.

“It was only a matter of time before we got some competition,” he said, “and there are two different target markets involved; location is key, and by being right next to campus we get a lot of student business.”

Colin Horwood, senior from Murray, eats at The Burrito Shack at least twice a week and does not believe Qdoba will have much of an impact on it.

“Qdoba is too far away from campus for students to go there easily, and The Burrito Shack tastes better,” Horwood said.

Horwood also thinks the locality and familiarity will keep customers at Gingles’ restaurant.

Gingles said he had to stop doing deliveries because they were simply too busy to handle the store and deliveries.

“This past week has been one of the best weeks we’ve had in four years,” Gingles said.

He said he believes another burrito place in town, and a little friendly competition, would be good for the city of Murray.

Qdoba will open at 618 N. 12th St. this fall. The location is next to Subway, and Qdoba franchisee Tony Page, the man bringing the new restaurant to town, is excited about both the location and the fact he is getting a franchise here in Murray.

Becca Kilby, Junior from Murray, said she eats The Burrito Shack multiple times a week and thinks student loyalty will keep business at The Burrito Shack.

Said Kilby: “I think The Burrito Shack will still be okay because it is so close to campus, and it’s really convenient.”


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