Local band strives to impress Murray with music

In the music industry, everyone has to start somewhere. Though for Tony Logue, music was not about the business at all.

Born and raised in western Kentucky, Logue began writing songs at the age of 18. Showcasing his talents in solo performances moved his interest along. For Logue, it wasn’t about the stage or being known; it was about the songs.

“Writing songs was something I always did since I was about 18 or 19,” he said. “I was probably 25 when I started actually getting out and playing solo. I played so many shows by myself before I actually had the band.”

Though band members have come and gone, Logue met the current members of his band three years ago and all were interested in country music. It wasn’t long until they created The Tony Logue Band.

The four member group consists of Logue on lead guitar and vocals, backed by Dylan Driver on guitar and back-up vocals. Bassist Kyle Robertson and drummer Jason Munday round out the band.

“These guys are amazing,” Logue said. “We’ve now been together for a few years. I knew Dylan, and he knew Kyle from Murray. Kyle introduced me to Jason.”

Together, the band went on to record its first album in 2009, “Calm Before the Storm,” which was a seven-track EP. The song “Road I Chose” from the album even gained local and regional radio airplay.

In 2011, the band’s LP “Reckless Kind” was released. A year later, the band rereleased the album as its first full-length record.

Currently the band books local and regional shows to promote “Reckless Kind.” Though it is unsigned, it has worked with Kenny Royster, an award-winning producer from Nashville who has worked with other artists such as Trace Adkins, Billy Currington and Randy Houser.

Logue believes the biggest accomplishment for the band has been opening for some well-known artists.

“We’ve had some great moments these last couple of years,” he said. “We opened for Little Big Town and Tim McGraw, but my personal favorite was opening for Jason Isbell.”

Despite these great achievements, the band is solely focused on the message in its music.

“I am pretty lyric driven – a lyric-based writer,” Logue said. “The imagery in my songs comes from where I grew up. If you are from here, you know where I’m coming from. Hopefully, if you aren’t from here, you still know where I’m coming from.”

Overall, Logue wants to see the band do well with its real people, small-town music.

Someday, Logue would like to play music for a living. He hopes to sell enough records and merchandise to succeed in that goal.

“I’m not trying to be a household name,” he said. “(I) just feed my family doing what I love.”

The Tony Logue Band will be playing tonight at 9 p.m. at The Keg in Murray. They will also be playing at Mr. J’s Grill and Pub at 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 31.


Story by Hunter Harrell, Staff Writer