Club seeks new players

In the three years since Murray Club Baseball originated, each season has proven itself better than the last.

After ending last year’s season with a .500 average, the baseball club will take the field with high hopes to add new talent to its lineup.

Brandon Becker, team member and head of the club, expressed his excitement for the upcoming year.

After struggling to find a home field last season, the team can now call Mike Miller Field in Benton, Ky., its home.

The team usually plays most of its games in the spring, but this year will be a little different.

“This year, it’s going to be split up 50/50,” Becker said. “We’re playing about 20 games in the fall and 20 games in the spring.”

He said there is no doubt the baseball club will have good competition this season. The team will face club teams from Southern Illinois, South Eastern Missouri State and St. Louis. Becker said Vanderbilt may also be on the schedule this season.

Starting fresh with a new season and a home field, the club only has one more thing to do. They need to find new players.

Becker said that many of last year’s team members will return for this season, but the team is looking to expand its numbers.

“We’re going to try to add about eight more guys or so,” Becker said.

Becker and the rest of the baseball club have been recruiting on campus this week searching for anyone who may be interested in playing America’s favorite pastime.

Last season was a success for the club because of the new freshman talent that was recruited.

However, Becker said that one weakness the team had was a lack of strong pitchers.

Becker and three teammates, Trevor Engleke, Travis Reed and Brad Holloman, are in charge of tryouts Saturday. These four veterans of Murray Club Baseball are looking to fill specific roles in the roster to have a season that will knock past seasons out of the park.

“I like utility players,” Becker said. “I can use them anywhere, but mainly pitchers and a catcher.”

Becker is hoping that his team will participate in the National Club Baseball Association this year.

The NCBA is home to many college club baseball teams including those in the SEC and Big Ten conferences.

Becker is optimistic for this year’s season and has a few other goals in mind outside of joining the NCBA.

The team must make sure they have enough members in order to be an official club sport at Murray State. They still have a few weeks to fill the roster.


Story by Taylor Crum, Assistant Sports Editor