Board of Regents vote not to renew Dunn’s contract

The Board of Regents voted again Friday morning to not renew President Randy Dunn’s contract. This vote comes almost two months after the original vote of non-renewal in March.

Prior to the vote board chairman Constantine Curris outlined the events from the private meeting held at Regent Sharon Green’s home on March 14. He then asked for a motion to vote on the renewal of Dunn’s contract.  Curris said members present at the gathering discussed the University budget, and recommendations from budget planning and review teams that were discussed at a special meeting earlier in the day.

Curris asked three times for a motion before newly sworn in Faculty Regent Renee Fister made a motion for an extension.

During the discussion portion of the motion on renewing Dunn’s contract, only those who voted in favor of Dunn provided comment.
Vice-chair Marilyn Buchanon, said even though the opinions of the board are divided, she did not believe this was a divided board.
“We all have the best interest of the University,” Buchanon said.
Story by Meghann Anderson, News Editor.