Old foes face off in soccer

Team Jesus and Lizo faced off in an intramural championship game for the second time this semester Tuesday night.

Both made it to the championship game during the intramural volleyball season. This time, Team Jesus and Lizo went head-to-head for the men’s soccer championship title.

Both teams were stacked with talent. Aggression and impressive plays kept the game interesting. Team Jesus fought hard, but Lizo had the upper hand, dominating the scoreboard by two goals.

Team Jesus put in another goal but couldn’t tie it up before the halftime whistle blew. Lizo took the game at the half with a score of 3-2.

In the second half, Team Jesus fought to improve its score and eventually tied the game. With a comeback kick, Team Jesus scored another goal and took over the scoreboard with a score of 4-3.

At the end of the game, it was Team Jesus with another championship under its belt.

What may have clutched the win for Team Jesus is the undeniable on-field chemistry between twin brothers, David and Dustin Herron.

The brothers played for Team Jesus during the intramural volleyball season, both being assets to the team and helping claim the championship title.

It was no different in this sport when the Herron brothers dominated the game, staying quick on their feet and keeping their intensity high throughout the game.

The Herron brothers said facing Lizo in a championship game for the second time this semester was a pleasure for Team Jesus.

“I feel like there is some unsaid rivalry between us and Lizo,” Dustin said. “But the guys on the team are really cool, so that just allowed the game to be real competitive.”

That competitive rivalry was unquestionable on the field as the Herron brothers admitted it was one of the toughest games of the season for them and their teammates.

“We hadn’t been down by two goals the whole season,” Dustin said.

Despite a successful record, the brothers said the season hasn’t been easy due to the lack of substitutes for the team. However, they said they noticed some great things that happened on the field against Lizo.

“We really capitalized on the opportunities that we had,” David said. “(Lizo) had a better passing game than we did, but we used the talents we had.”

David admitted to not having practiced as a team the whole season, but said they are a group of friends playing for fun.

“It’s just good competition, and we like to represent Christ any way we can,” David said.

Unfortunately, the brotherly duo won’t see the field next year when Dustin graduates, but brother David joked saying Team Jesus is in need of recruits for next season.

Story by Taylor Crum, Assistant Sports Editor.