New Faculty Regent named

The new Faculty Regent was named Wednesday after more than a month of having no representation on the Board of Regents.

Renee Fister, professor in the College of Science Engineering and Technology, won both the special election to determine who would finish Jack Rose’s term, ended prematurely due to his resignation and the regular election.

Faculty cast their ballots online Monday and Tuesday via myGate and of the 336 faculty members eligible to vote at the time of the election, 227 voted.

Fister said she decided to run for the position of Faculty Regent because she wanted to better inter-University relationships and communication.

She said she wants faculty, staff and students to be able to communicate with each other and communicate effectively with the Board of Regents.

To help better communications between the students and faculty she said she would be working closely with Student Regent, Jeremiah Johnson, and also hopefully have regular meetings with staff and students.

Also a concern of Fister’s is the furthering of negotiations began by her predecessor, Rose, concerning faculty raises. Fister said faculty have not received consistent raises in the past several years.

With Rose’s sudden resignation as Faculty Regent in March due to his dissatisfaction with the Board of Regents’ decision to not renew President Randy Dunn’s contract, Fister said she is not sure what sort of effect, if any, this may have had on the faculty’s and Board of Regents’ relationship.

Fister’s term as Faculty Regent will begin immediately. The first Board of Regents meeting she will attend is scheduled for May 10.

Story by Ben Manhanke, Assistant News Editor.