Liner Notes: The last one

It took me a while to come up with a name for my column when I first became Features Editor in December 2011. I knew I wanted to write about music and wanted whatever name I chose to follow that theme. I considered a few different names until I finally came up with Liner Notes.

Some readers might not understand that liner notes are the writings from an artist in their album’s credits or in the booklet that generally comes with CDs. The artist could explain why they wrote a particular song, what inspired them and even give thanks to specific people for helping them in some way during the production of a song in their liner notes.

Each time I sat down to write something new, I thought about the music that inspired me or affected me in some way personally. Or, on the weeks I had writer’s block, I considered trends in music or just wrote about Justin Timberlake. Nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed every part of this experience.

Now, with graduation coming in December, I am excited to work on other projects and soon begin my career that I have been waiting so long to launch.

While I don’t have definite plans for the future right now, I still can’t help but be excited to face the challenges that will come my way in a few months. Most seniors probably wouldn’t feel this way, or wouldn’t admit to it.

I’ve heard so many people say things about the media industry, and that it’s super challenging and is a somewhat declining job market, things that the average student would be scared or discouraged to hear.

Many would probably change their majors, or already have changed their majors, if they knew that the average journalist makes about $35,000 annually and that print editions are becoming a thing of the past due to high digital demand. Not to mention the fact that any career in media requires strong dedication, and everything is more or less a race to see who breaks news first, so there is a lot of pressure, too.

But, none of these things scare me. If anything, I’m more concerned with the people who already have reporting and editing careers and lack the ability to record and edit film, take a good photo, design and update a website or use social media the right way.

I am not sure if it’s my passion for all journalistic mediums or the fact that I try to stay positive that has kept me motivated. I think it’s both.

I may be leaving the Features desk for now, but I’m in no way leaving the stressful, yet exhilarating profession that is journalism. This is only the beginning for me.

If I could compile my own liner notes, they would probably say something like this: thank you to anyone who has offered an idea, corrected a sentence or read a word.

You have all inspired me.

Column by Anna Taylor, Staff writer.