Employers seeking social media skill set

Convergence is something every major is experiencing as the world moves into the world of technology and the Internet. Furthermore, jobs which require a knowledge of social media functions and laws are growing more popular in every field of work.

Because of the heightened popularity of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare and Pinterest, employers are starting to look for graduates who have the skills necessary to run a functioning website and keep up on social media platforms for the business.

With this advancement in mind, some colleges have began to write up a curriculum for a social media major.

According to the Huffington Post, the curriculum would include courses such as Introduction to Social Media where students would gain knowledge that will allow them to understand the challenges that arise within social media. Also, additional courses would be offered to explore the many platforms of social media as well as the communications laws and ethics in the digital age.

Newberry College in South Carolina has created a program allowing undergrad students to choose a social media major available in 2013.


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