Racer soccer to face UT Martin

The Racer women’s soccer team continues to play strongly throughout its spring season as they head into a 7 vs. 7 game against UT Martin on Saturday.

This will be the Racers third game of the spring season. The Racers lost to the Skyhawks during the fall 2012 season 1-2 in conference play. Hoping to settle the score the team has been training harder than ever.

The team started off the season with a win in their indoor tournament on March 2. The fast paced atmosphere of the indoor play helped the Racers hit the ground running as their spring season began.

On Saturday the team traveled to the University of Evansville to take on the Purple Aces. A tie was called and the game concluded with a score of 0-0. The Racers lost to the Purple Aces the previous season.

Head Coach Beth Acreman said she was extremely pleased with the overall effort. Acreman said the team has been developing well and will continue to get stronger as the season continues.

“The girls hung tough and defended well,” Acreman said. “Walking away from the game we are working on being a little more poised in the attack and getting more shots off.”

The focus of this off-season has been overall strength, fitness and leadership skills. The Racers’ coaching staff uses the off-season to evaluate the team. Overall the team has been working on strengthening its players individually in an effort to improve the team as a whole.

Leadership is an integral component of soccer Acreman said. Once the girls are more confident individually that will affect how they play together and work on the field. Various leadership councils and exercises have helped the team grow together as a more close-knit unit.

These skills will then carry over into the rest of the spring season and ultimately into the fall conference play. So far the Racers have signed 11 new players for the upcoming fall season.

“Overall the team is developing really well, I can see it in their overall fitness and their presence on the field,” Acreman said. “This weekend at UT Martin will be good to work on some of the stuff we have been emphasizing in our practices. I think the girls have to have a winning mentality for the spring; they are definitely up for the challenge.”

Through the use of drills and practices on the field the team has been honing their physical and mental skills in preparation for the upcoming games. Acreman said she hopes to see these skills displayed in the game against UT Martin.

“Their competing hard in practice and gelling really well as a group,” Acreman said. “Working hard in practices has given us the chance to learn one another as players and as people. Camaraderie is always important.”

She said camaraderie and teamwork are integral components in the game of soccer. These are important building blocks for the Racers as they have their sights set on the fall season and incorporating new players into their young team.

The Racers are halfway through their off-season with the completion of their third game on Saturday. Western Kentucky, Morehead State and an alumni game will round out the 2013 spring season.

 Story by Laura Kovarik, Staff writer.