‘The Croods’ shares life-changing adventure

Eep, voiced by Emma Stone, longs for an adventure while standing on a ledge. II AP Photo
Eep, voiced by Emma Stone, longs for an adventure while standing on a ledge. II AP Photo

Eep, voiced by Emma Stone, longs for an adventure while standing on a ledge. II AP Photo

The Croods do not get out much. That is, not until their home is destroyed by an avalanche and they are forced into the wild.

In DreamWorks Animation’s family film, “The Croods,” a paleolithic family is faced with new challenges and creatures as they learn how to survive without depending on their cave for shelter.

In the film, we meet Eep, a disobedient teenage daughter longing to explore what life has to offer, her overprotective father Grug and their four other family members Ugga, Gran, Thunk and baby Sandy.

We also meet outsider Guy, who meets Eep and warns her about the end of the world.

When the Croods’ cave gets smashed by what they believe is Guy’s so-called end of the world, they must leave to find a new home. During their trip, Eep calls after Guy with a horn he gave her to rescue the family from a dangerous flock of birds. Guy uses his self-taught survival skills to save them and ends up becoming a part of their group because of his knowledge and ideas.

Grug becomes skeptical of Guy because he is now seen as a protector to his family. Guy shows the Croods that it is okay to take risks, which is something Grug has never agreed with. Grug has always limited his family’s time outside of their cave.

During this new experience, Guy teaches the Croods some of his survival tricks and introduces them to things they have never heard of such as water, jokes and having a brain.

After seeing how smart and helpful Guy is, Grug eventually realizes that hiding in a cave, or elsewhere, is cowardly. By the end of the film, he decides that taking chances, and looking on the bright side, are worth the risk. The Crood’s first family trip ends up a success.

The film is a fun comedy full of rich color and loving characters. Viewers will love the reactions the Croods have on their first outside adventure.

The character that really changes throughout the movie is Grug, during his battle with fear and his need to keep his family safe.

The only downside for the feature film is that the storyline gets a little lost in the middle of the film, which could cause a lack of viewer interest. In the trailer, and at the beginning of the film, we are under the impression the story will follow the life of Eep. The film is actually more focused on Grug.

“The Croods” leaves viewers with the message that when you live in fear, you are not really living at all, and it is okay to take risks.

3/5 Stars

Review by Anna Taylor, Features Editor.


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