‘Pretty Little Liars’ picks up fifth season, spinoff

AP photo

Twitter feeds blew up with news Monday afternoon about a big announcement coming soon from the producers of the popular ABC Family TV show “Pretty Little Liars.”

At 4 p.m. onTuesday, it was confirmed by executive producer Marlene King that “Pretty Little Liars” would be picking up a fifth season and a spinoff.

Just days after beginning filming the fourth season, the fifth season announcement was no surprise, especially to those who followed the show from the beginning.

The new season will feature the liars striving to make sense of the information they have received throughout season three and figuring out what Red Coat has in store for them all.

The surprising part, however, was the new spinoff show, “Ravenswood.”

The show “Ravenswood” is based on a town not far from Rosewood, Penn., which has been plagued by a terrible curse for many years. Suddenly five strangers find themselves at the mercy of this fatal curse. The strangers will have to dig into the towns mysterious history before it’s too late.

“Ravenswood” premieres in October following the Halloween special of “Pretty Little Liars.”

“Pretty Little Liars,” based on the “Pretty Little Liars” novels by Sara Shepard, has proven itself valuable property for ABC Family due to its high ratings and social media following. The drama has even launched enough interest for network series such as “The Lying Game” and “Twisted.”

The season four summer premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” returns at 7 p.m. on June 11 on ABC Family.

Story by Hunter Harrell, Staff writer.