Night Owl under local scrutiny

The Night Owl, a local hookah lounge and snack bar, is in the process of laying out a new business plan after police were called to the business on two occasions.

During their March 20 meeting, the Board of Zoning and Adjustments requested for Night Owl owner, Tung Dinh, to put together a new business plan after problems arose with issues such as over-capacity, lack of adequate security, hours of operation and trash and noise complaints.

Justin Crice, planner at the City of Murray Planning and Engineering Department, said Murray State officers contacted the Board of Zoning and Adjustments after visiting the business in both January and February of this year.

Crice said on one particular incident, police counted more than 200 people in the building. Under the conditional use permit for the Night Owl, there cannot be more than 165 people in the building at one time.

It is also stated in the conditional use permit that the Night Owl is considered a recreational facility and cannot cause any safety or fire hazards or a nuisance to the public and surrounding areas, such as the noise and trash complaints the business has recently received.

According to Crice, if Dinh does not fix the existing problems with the business plan, several courses of action can be taken, including revoking the Night Owl’s conditional use permit.

Dinh has until the Boarding of Zoning and Adjustments’ next meeting, April 17, to submit the new plan.

 Staff Report.