Original business owner replaces Quarter’s

A familiar business for many will soon be returning to Murray just in time to greet students returning from Summer Break.

Ed Hutchins, local entrepreneur and owner of the building that housed Quarter’s Campus Grill, is returning from retirement in order to establish a new restaurant with his son James acting as manager.

From 1981 until 2008, Ed ran the local eatery, Mr. Ed’s Campus Grill, where his son also worked as a child. Inspired by the building’s recent vacancy, Hutchins has begun renovating the space for the opening in August as Mr. Jay’s.

“I ran Mr. Ed’s for 27 years, and it was very successful, but of the two different people I’ve leased the building out to since, nobody seems able to make a go of it,” Hutchins said. “I decided to come back and open it up and put my son and his wife in charge so that way I’ll have someone who I’m sure will do their best.”

Hutchins, who is doing the remodeling with his family, said Mr. Jay’s will be completely different from Quarter’s in every way.

“We’ve completely gutted the building,” he said. “The inside of the restaurant is being totally renovated; there will be nothing the same, not one thing.”

It was during the expansive redesigning of the restaurant space that Hutchins’ son first approached him with the offer to let him and his wife, Sherry, run the business once all the changes are complete, to which Ed agreed.

Ed said he is excited to be operating a restaurant again, but will only stay on and oversee the business for a semester or so until his son and wife are settled in to their new roles, at which time he will go back into retirement.

“I love it, I really do,” Ed said. “It’s the best job I ever had, and college students are the best customers in the world.”

He said his philosophy of treat the customers how you want to be treated will be preserved through his son, and it will continue to make the restaurant stand out from its competition, and past businesses, which have not fared as well in the location.

Ed and his family are still finalizing plans for the restaurant, including what menu items will be served and the possibility of extending operating hours to accommodate late-night customers.

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  1. Mr. Ed's…man that takes me back to lunch time for The Murray State News team. I'm glad to see that he's coming back for a while and then putting someone who's seen him in action, in the driver's seat. If his son is even half as good as he is, there's going to be some happy students after Spring break!

  2. Ronald N Diane Hines | March 14, 2013 at 6:09 am |

    Sorry to say I never ate at Quarters BUT this sounds so exciting and I'm sure it will be awesome! I'm sure a lot of people are very glad to have you back and with an all new restaurant! Congratulations and Best Wishes! Hope to get to try this one!

  3. Sharon Lee | March 17, 2013 at 9:26 pm |

    Great…I hope You will have those good cheeseburgers ;-).

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