Letter to the Editor: 03.06.13

The Daughters of the American Revolution is a patriotic organization that has long embodied the preservation of our heritage. We feel compelled to voice an opinion when it seems that part of our country’s or state’s/township’s heritage is on the cusp of destruction.

The campus of Murray State is fortunate in that it still retains much of its history in buildings suck as Oakhurst, Pogue Library, Wells Hall, Lovett Auditorium, West Kentucky-Wrtather Museum and Ordway Hall. These examples of architecture are lessons in history, visual reminders of the earliest years of Murray College and structures that lend charm and character to the campus. If properly maintained, they can serve the students, faculty and staff for years to come.

Please note that the Captain Wendell Oury Chapter in Murray, Ky. was initiated by women whose last names were Swann, Woods, Doyle, Blackburn, Hester and Hart. Buildings on the campus of Murray State bear these names (or did so at one time). We ask you to consider preserving Ordway Hall, one of the oldest buildings on campus, one of architectural importance and a brick edifice that has long been a mainstay at the center of the campus of our University.

Letter submitted by the Ladies of the Captain Wendell Oury Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.