Letter to the Editor: 03.05.13

I recently read an article in the Murray Ledger and Times by John Wright about Murray Independent School District’s 140th anniversary celebration. The article referred to the importance of the building currently known as Murray Middle School. An alumnus was quoted as saying “It’s appropriate to have it there because there’s been a school at the corner of 8th and Main for all those years.”

Several thoughts came to mind as I read the article.

Although none of my immediate family graduated from Murray High, my mother graduated from there and my wife proudly wears her Murray High ring from the ’20s. We know that she sat in that auditorium, went to class in those rooms and the year after her graduation she moved upstairs in the same building with her sister to be the first freshman class at Murray College.

I worked to try and save The University School (my alma mater) when they made the decision to tear it down on the campus of Murray State University. I remember the words of Murray’s beloved Libby Hart when we were meeting with the president to plead with him to save this building. Libby said to him, “Americans travel to Europe to see old buildings and we tear them down.”

My congratulations to Murray Independent School district for maintaining and caring for Murray Middle School for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Currently, the Board of Regents is considering tearing down Ordway Hall, a beautiful building on Olive Boulevard. I wonder how many of our alumni have fond memories of spending time in that building. Is Pogue Library next, or maybe even Lovett Auditorium? If you agree that we are losing some of our heritage by tearing down Ordway Hall, please let a member of Murray State’s Board of Regents know.

Letter from Pete Waldrop, non-student from Murray, Ky.