Cheers and Jeers: 03.01.13

Cheers to … Janitors. Seriously, you guys and gals are awesome. Awesome.

Jeers to … the horsemeat scandal. Horseburgers? Horse meatballs? Gross. 

Cheers to … Girl Scout Cookies. Tagalongs, Dosidos, Samoas, whatever you have, you’d better share.

Jeers to … the Harlem Shake. Words can’t even begin to describe how we feel about it.

Cheers to … Jennifer Lawrence for winning the most awards for Kentucky outside of the NCAA.

Jeers to … midterms around the corner. Can we skip directly to Spring Break?

Cheers to … Seth McFarlane for a genuinely funny presentation at the Oscars. Haters gonna hate.

Jeers to … the Academy for leaving out Leo again. He deserves an Oscar. Get over yourselves.


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