Top sites offering student internships

The time has come for Murray State students to begin their hunt for the perfect summer internship. The question for many however, is where to begin that search and how to go about preparing for the process.

The first thing students should know is what they’re looking for and what they’re priorities are. Students need to know where they are willing to go, what they’re willing to do and what they will accept as pay, or not, before they begin the process so that they can efficiently narrow down the prospects. Students should also have their goals prioritized. They should know whether it is pay, location, or company prominence that is the most important to them.

Once students have decided on their goals and priorities however, they should hit the computers and begin the search. When beginning the search, here are the top ranked available internship aggregators that can be found online. It is best for students to use such sites as they have a more specific focus and can weed out the confusion and chaos sometimes found in an unstructured Google search.

1. – An aggregator of worldwide nonprofit internships, Idealist is a user friendly and well structured site. The site does not require membership.

2. – The site collects not only all variety of internship postings, but also offers first-hand accounts of previous interns for most positions.

3. -This site collects thousands of international internship opportunities and successfully links students with international agencies and travel organizations.

4. – Indeed collects internship postings from hundreds of other major job boards, giving it one of the largest selections of internships to be found online. It also offers the amenity of having new internship listings delivered via email.

5. -This site is the official U.S. government site made for college students to provide listings of the hundreds of internships available through government funded organizations.

Story by Shannon MacAllister, Staff writer.