Letter to the Editor: 02.22.13

Putting aside for the moment the remarkable rant of a professor in the psychology department, I wanted to challenge his view that dinosaurs and humans were not contemporaneous. As a graduate of Murray State, I find it disturbing that those of us who have a different worldview than that of Dr. Zingrone could be treated with such an unprofessional manner.

Zingrone wrote that “no dinosaur fossils have ever been found with human remains.” That may be true, but in the evolutionist timetable, crocodiles lived at the same time as dinosaurs (and even before dinosaurs), and of course these reptiles live today alongside people.

More disturbing in his letter was the ad hominem attack directed against the founder of the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky, Ken Ham, who was called a clown. Name-calling is often the last resort of a person who can’t make an effective argument. I have come to know Ham, both socially and professionally (I have even been honored to have hosted him in my home), and I see a man of integrity and humility who happens to have a passion for his worldview – a belief system that is contrary to the worldview held by Zingrone.

Furthermore, I find it disturbing that a person with a degree in psychology could be so uncivil and intolerant of others who might disagree with his presuppositions.

Letter from Faris Sahawneh, Murray State alumnus.