Hopkinsville Community College president reinstated

After being placed on administrative leave last week, Hopkinsville Community College President James Selbe was reinstated Thursday morning.

The HCC board of directors met Thursday morning to discuss Selbe’s future. Selbe read a prepared statement Thursday afternoon and discussed the investigation that had taken place previously.

He said he acknowledged that he made mistakes and used poor judgment.

“I was wrong,” Selbe said. “I know I violated the trust of our employees.”

He did not specifically address the claims in which he was involved.

Selbe also talked about how the situation has affected his family and apologized for letting them down.

Last week, KCTCS President Michael McCall announced Selbe’s administrative leave, but did not notify the board of directors until after placing Selbe on leave.

“This led to an investigation of claims of misconduct on my part,” Selbe said.

It was determined Selbe could return as president of the college but was subjected to some disciplinary actions.

His time on administrative leave is now unpaid and he has agreed to complete work-force sensitivity training.

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  1. Hes a big hippocrate. In fact, he was aware the nursing program instructor JL bullied & harrassed students. TP is a lateral violence queen. Thats why they cant keep nursing instructors. Dr Selbe was notified of misconduct but did nothing. Needless to say he was inappropriate with a staff member. Good grief why are they protecting him. Any other jo blow and it would be all over the news!!

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