Career Center seeks peer advisers

The Murray State Career Center is looking for Peer Career Adviser to serve during the 2013-2014 academic year. The position will only be opened for upcoming junior and seniors to help aide Murray State students with services provided by the Career Center.

Katie Mantooth, Career Counselor at Murray State, is in charge of this upcoming program. She started the program at another institution and saw great success with it there. She said that peer to peer interaction contains an engagement and a different bind that is more likely to attract students to the career services

Mantooth said research has shown peer to peer interaction is beneficial to college students. Other peer role model opportunities on campus include tutoring assistance, FYL leaders, resident assistant/directors and many office assistance positions on campus.

Shauna Wicker, student from Murray, said the peer to peer interaction will encourage more students to visit the office and will create a more informal relationship between the students encouraging them always ask for what they need.

“A student is so much better served if they start using our services earlier on instead of a month before graduation,” Mantooth said. “If one of your peers is sitting at an informational table, you’re more apt to walk up to your peer.

The center will train the selected adviser to aide peers in job searches and writing professional documents. They will also give presentations on resources available through the career center and be involved with outreach opportunities. Specifically, they will be trained to encourage students to go and see career counselors.

To fill the position, undergraduate students must have 60 or more completed hours as of August 2013 and must have attended Murray State for at least one semester as of May 2013. They must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. Strong verbal, written and presenting skills are need as well as self-motivation.

A five hour commitment will be required for students who receive the position. The five hour commitment may include office administration, greeting students, preparing for events and giving presentations. It would also include being involved and engaged in the community on campus with representation from the career center.

A couple of informal meetings will be help this semester for the selected adviser but once school starts in the fall of 2013, weekend sessions will give the advisers the tools they need to be successful in aiding their peers.

Career Services is located in the south wing of the Applied Science Building. They hold workshops on career fairs on campus and help with resume and cover letter writing. They help students find jobs and internship programs. The career center manages Racer Tracks which gives students free services and connects them with employers.

The application process includes filling out the online application and emailing a professional resume to Mantooth at

Story by Ariel Watson, Contributing writer.