Top destinations for Spring Break 2013

As mid-semester woes set in and students begin to feel worn down by the monotony of another semester, many find themselves pining for the fun and sun-filled days of Spring Break. Notorious for its party-hard reputation, Spring Break calls out to students as a much needed break from toiling over homework.

With Spring Break approaching, many students find themselves having to choose their 2013 destination sooner than they thought in order to save money on early registration packages. So where is everyone going? What are the top 2013 Spring Break destinations? The News reports.

Cancun, Mexico

Known to be the Spring Break destination for college students, Cancun offers relatively cheap accommodations, spectacular beaches, fantastic nightlife and a lower drinking age. Always a celebrity hotspot, Cancun’s normally relaxed atmosphere goes out the window with each Spring Break. Expect to find a non-stop party in Cancun, and celebrate Spring Break with thousands of other students from around the world.

While in Cancun, students should check out more than just each other, and delve into some of Cancun’s culture, heritage and less traditional nightlife. One such untraditional nightclub is the Coco Bong, Cancun, where there is no designated dance floor controlled by a deejay, but a stage that is constantly packed and changing as circus-like feats are accomplished one after another.


Panama City Beach, Florida

Easily the biggest Spring Break party spot in the continental U.S., PCB offers budget-friendly hotels within the comfort of the country’s borders. While all-inclusive packages are less abundant in Panama than in Cancun, Panama’s proximity allows many students to save money by driving rather than flying.

Also known for its nonstop party atmosphere, Panama promises to give students an unforgettable Spring Break experience.

To add to the PCB experience, students should utilize the money they save by going on more active excursions like parasailing, jet skiing and bungee jumping. Finally, students should enjoy the fresh seafood by dining in the smaller, local dives.


South Padre Island, Texas

A newer up-and-coming site for the Spring Break scene, South Padre offers a wider variety of activities for students’ week of freedom.

Outside of the predictable drinking and dancing offered on the island, South Padre also offers unique pastimes such as kiteboarding, deep-sea fishing and dolphin watching for those in need of a break from the revelry.

While in South Padre, students can either experience the natural beauty of the island with the Laguna Madre Nature Trail, Sea Turtle, Inc. or the Dolphin Research and Sea Life Nature Center, or can enjoy the Spring Break-oriented attractions like the Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark.

So, whether students look forward to relaxing with nature or experiencing another country’s culture, or just

dancing the night away, these destinations promise to offer something for everyone.

 Story by Shannon MacAllister, Staff writer.