Liner Notes: Our song

Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor

A lot of couples have a song they claim as their own. The song usually either describes how the couple feels about each other, or their song just happened to be playing when they met each other, so they say.

My boyfriend and I found ours several months after we started seeing each other. The song is “Baby I Love Your Way,” by Big Mountain, though it is originally performed by Peter Frampton.

I’m sure you’ve heard at least one version of it at some point. It’s a catchy tune that is often heard in movies and on the radio to this day.

Right now, you’re probably nodding and thinking, “how cliche of them” but trust me, it could definitely be worse.

We don’t really have a romantic story behind why we dubbed this particular song “ours.” We didn’t really choose it necessarily because of its lyrics or because it was playing when we first met each other or whatever – not that we could even remember that.

We just both really like the song and how it makes us feel. There might be other songs out there that could describe us in a better way, but this particular song is sweet and fun, and we like to keep those two adjectives in our relationship, too.

But, if you’re a sappy romantic looking for a background story on how it came to be, here is a brief and very romantic explanation. We heard the song one time playing in either a movie or a YouTube video, and it got stuck in our heads. As a result, we would sing the song in silly voices, and sometimes improvise our own lyrics when we were together. We eventually realized how much we both liked it and how it could summarize our relationship. So, we claimed it as ours. Romance.

Since our relationship is currently long-distance, I find myself listening to this song often. It somehow fills his absence for the time being. It also helps to reassure me that being apart is only temporary.

The song reminds me of how much we love being together and how we always have fun, no matter what we are doing.

I used to wonder why couples have a song that they claim. I just assumed they chose a romantic song they liked so much that they wanted it to be played at their wedding. Now, I get it. I understand why they have a song and what it does for them.

If everyone could have what Alan and I have with our song, they would, too.

Column by Anna Taylor, Features Editor.